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The following links and presentations are designed to give you a quick but good overview of our assortments.  There are products that are a part in this or a similar type of construction industries no longer have to think off and successful in the large-scale application are – European and worldwide!

On the other hand we present to you specialties which are exclusively in the market, innovatively in the processing, with large application possibilities. All products aremanufactured in Europe, mainly in  Germany. By creative, future-oriented, medium-size enterprises.

Simply click on a product-illustration that interests you on this page. You go through the product categories page → to individual products → from there to the desired product with a comprehensive product details.
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TERRA-Flex Shingles + Elements
- Natural Slate Look

Roll Roofing RB
Roll Roofing AL
Steam-Barrier Membranes
DUSB - Vapor Permeable Membranes

Slides – Tarpaulins - Foils
Special - Slides

Knob Membranes
TERRA Membrana
Membranes for Green Roofs
Stonework Barrier

Polycarbonate Glazings
Specialties Glazing Elements
Specialies + Skylights

Twin-Wall-Panels  of PVC

Thermal-foils (Thermo-foils )

Wall-Ceiling-Ground Elements

Accessories System
presents for all products

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